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Bigg Boss 10 Looks Like A Mess This Season

swamiji, a beauty queen, a veejay, a tevee star….Lord, the House is going to be hellish this year.So it’s that time of the year again.When we will again see grownup men and women bickering over bread ,water and malice.

This, Season 10 of Bigg Boss, seems to be even more embarrassing in profile than the other seasons.The  ‘commoners’, as super-celebrity Deepika Padukone happily called them, seem to have been chosen for their eccentricity rather than earnestness. In fact the ‘commoners’(Deepika called them that, not me) are so eccentric  that some of them seem borderline delusional.

One godman contestant seems totally wacko. He will be a big TRP booster.

There he was flirting with every female contestant, and telling Deepika Padukone how he once kicked Elizabeth Taylor in her behind to cure her backache.Full credit toDeepika for actually listening attentively to this sadhu’s  spiel.

(At this point veejay Bani—she is the only ‘celebrity’ I could recognize– simply walked away).

Another ‘commoner’  was Lokesh , a fast-talking girl who aspires to be PriyankaChopra.She spoke in that breathless often incoherent half-sentences that indicate the restless aspirational mind of the Indian middleclass girl. It is sad that Bigg Boss has elected to use the ‘eccentricity’(read: aspirational energy)  of the ‘commoner’ to add fuel to  the fiery format of Bigg Boss House.

There was a man from Haryana who spoke on stage with Salman abouthisaab(accounts) and pishaab(urine). I kid you not.

The only balanced contestant seems Akansha , married to cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s brother, now determined  to start anew.Is she a commoner or a  celebrity?

While Salman Khan introduced us to the whimsical  contestants, Deepika Padukonetook the opportunity to introduce the trailer of her first Hollywood film XXX which looks, in Salman’s words, like  a Hindi film.Salman and Deepika played a game where her friends including Ranveer Singh were packed off  into Bigg Boss…but only hypothetically.

I don’t know whether Salman did it deliberately. But he  referred to Sanjay Bhansali asRakeysh Mehra.Ouch.

Delusions seem to be the signature-tune during this year of Bigg Boss. The fraudgodman pretended to not recognize Deepika Padukone. The celebrities are pretending to be big stars whom the public loves enough to watch week after week in the circus that awaits viewers on Bigg Boss. As for the ‘commoners’ , their brief is…just act as aspirational and as freaked-out as you can.

Go ahead,bring on the  wackiness.

Rating: **(2 stars).


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