Bigg Boss 11: Beat the Heat in the Bigg Boss Rocket!

As the ‘Gharwale’ have boarded the Bigg Boss rocket, they are all set to survive space. It will be captivating to witness how long the contestants will stay inside the rocket to protect their prize money in Bigg Boss 11. But at this point of the game, captaincy is more important for some contestants as they don’t mind money getting deducted from their winning prize; they just want to get out of the rocket and nominate themselves for captaincy.

Dressed as astronauts, the contestants place themselves inside the rocket but after spending some time together – they couldn’t help but pass comments and start taunting each other. Arshi instigates Hina by telling her that she is stinking and she can’t sit with her in the rocket, she also calls her an old lady who is good for nothing. Hina keeps her calm and does not get instigated by her, Luv at the same time mimics Akash and teases him. Akash gives it back to him saying that Luv needs a doctor’s attention.

Mission Bigg Boss 11, truly becomes a tedious task for the astronauts as the Sun comes up the next day in the morning. The contestants couldn’t stand the heat of the sun, but some of the contestants were so persistent and determined to protect the prize money and complete the task that they did not care about the sweat dripping all over their bodies. Hina’s face turns red in the heat and the others tell her to get off the rocket but she is hell bent to finish the task.

As the task comes to an end, Hina goes through a major break down as she feels that Bigg Boss is favoring Akash and team.

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