Birthday Special: 11 Reasons Why Varun Dhawan is Combination of Salman, SRK and Aamir!

There is no doubt that Varun Dhawan is the new Superstar of this era. He has got the looks, the style, the body and the talent. And we easily assume him to be the combination of all three Khans. From comedy, romance and action, Varun Dhawan has done it all. Put him in any genre or role, he’s going to pull it off well.

Look at some of his skills….

The Perfect Body: Besides his outstanding acting, he’s got a body that is to die for. Varun Dhawan, who is a fitness freak, is often seen hitting the gym to achieve the perfectly toned body. Did you get the glimpse of younger Salman Khan?

The Style Icon: Offscreen and on-screen he is setting new style trends. He is one of the most stylish actor in Bollywood, With impeccable style sense, he has become a youth icon.

Innocent Face: His bechaara look can make any girl fall in love with him. He has played every role with such dedication and perfection that we can’t imagine any other actor to fit the bill. After Aamir Khan he looks most convincing in an innocent role!

He got the Moves: Varun Dhawan’s swift moves coupled with the perfect attitude undoubtedly make him one of the best dancers of this generation.  He can any day give any Bollywood dancer run for money! New Govinda in making?

The sad look: No one can do it better, here is an example

Angry Young Man: Varun Dhawan nailed Badlapur with his acting.

King of Comedy: When it comes to comedy, he totally kills it.

New Lover Boy of Bollywood: No one can impress girls better than him


Sultan of Action: With Perfect Body and impeccable acting, he looks so good in action scenes. A brick wall is no big deal!

Million Dollar Smile: All he needs to do is flash his million-dollar smile and he has the ladies fall head over heels for him.

Family Entertainer: Every Member of the family can watch Varun Dhawan Movies and can enjoy!

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