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Bizarre Coincidence: Disha Patani Plays The Dead Beloved In Both Her Releases So far



 It really can’t get any weirder for the pretty Disha Patani… or can  it? In both her  feature films  so far she  plays the hero’s beloved who gets killed suddenly, and not because the scriptwriter got bored of her character.

In  Neeraj Pandey’s Dhoni : The Untold  Story she  played Dhoni’s girlfriend Priyanka Jha, who has a premonition she will die young, and she does in a  car accident.

 Now in Baaghi 2 Disha  plays a grieving  mother who  unable to bear the burden of losing her child ,  commits suicide.

In both the films Disha is gone prematurely.

“Just a  coincidence , I guess.And it’s never about the size but the  performance. Look at what a deep impact Disha  leaves  in  both  Dhoni and Baaghi,” says  her protective  Baaghi 2  co-star Tiger Shroff.

Throughout the making of Baaghi 2 and its promotions,  Tiger was seen taking care  of his costar.

Says a friend of the couple, “Disha was not habituated  to the media attention that was thrust on her for the promotions. Tiger took charge of  Disha, saw  to it that she was well looked-after and fed on time. At the press events He stood like a solid rock by her side, stepping in whenever she was asked a sticky question, mostly  about their relationship.”

 So  what stops this lovely couple from coming out  with  their  relationship?

“The same  apprehensions that stop Deepika Padukone from  coming out with her relationship with Ranveer Singh. The fear  of being branded  a ‘commited’ heroine who  is more concerned about her boyfriend than  her career,” says a Tiger well-wisher.

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