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Bizarre: Rishi & Son Ranbir Miss Their Favourite Kapoor’s Final Farewell



Krishna Raj Kapoor was  the favourite of  everyone in the  family. While she treated all her children grandchildren husbands and wives with equal warmth, her second son Rishi Kapoor and  Rishi’s son Ranbir held a  special place in her heart.

It therefore seems  horribly unjust that neither Rishi nor Ranbir could attend  the last rites  of their beloved  mother/grandmother.

While Ranbir is outside  India  shooting for his  best friend Ayan Mukerjee’s Brmahastra, Rishi had to leave suddenly for medical  treatment.

Both father and son are deeply wounded by this twist  of fate.

Says a source  very close to the Kapoor family, “Chintuji(Rishi) was very reluctant to leave as his mother was  not  keeping well. But once the medical tests came he had no choice but to leave immediately. There was  no way he could return for his mother’s last rites.As for Ranbir, Ayan offered to  halt shooting  in Bulgaria . But Ranbir didn’t want to  disrupt the schedule.  He had  to console himself  with the video of  the funeral procession that his girlfriend Alia Bhatt sent  him.”

The  Kapoors plan mammoth memoriam events for Krishna Raj Kapoor.

This writer can vouch  for Rishi’s closeness to his mother. Once when I asked him to speak about her on Mother’s Day Rishi had shot back, “Why should I  speak on how fond I am of my mother on one particular day? She’s special to every day.”

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