BJP Spokesperson Shaina NC Slams Vishal Bhardwaj!

BJP Spokesperson Shaina NC Slams Vishal Bhardwaj For Suggesting That The Court Verdict In The Talwars’ Favour Was Influenced By The Film Talvar.

In 2016 Vishal Bhardwaj wrote and Meghna  Gulzar directed a highly acclaimed film Talvar which fervently pleaded  for  the innocence  of  the Talwar couple Rajesh and Nupur in their daughter Arushi’s murder case.

Now when the honourable  court has acquitted the couple VishalBhardwaj has  indulged in bit of self-congratulation that has embarrassed and shocked  quite a  few  in the film industry.

In an interview Vishal  Bhardwaj was  quoted as saying,  “Main feedback yehi aa raha hai that it has never happened in the history of cinema, where a film could change the opinion of everyone. This is the feeling I’m getting from everyone…verdict se ek baat zaroor tayhoti hai ki film ka bahut deep hai penetration, agar honestly kahein….Ek badi kamal ki andar ki feeling hai, you’re feeling so emotionally liberated today . Ki hum kahin, kisi tareeke se, kisi ke kaam aa sake.”

Clearly then, Bhardwaj claims some credit for the court’s decision  to free the Talwars.

Shocked a  film major producer who has been associated with Bhardwaj in the past says, “It is very arrogant to think that  your film is powerful enough to change the judiciary’s mind. Can you imagine, the jury members sitting and watching Talvar  before coming to their  decision? It is  a ridiculously  presumptuous thought.”

BJP spokesperson Shaina  NC is far more forthright when she says, “I think when it comes to matters pertaining to the judiciary the  film industry needs to exercise more restrain  and less exuberance. I think  it’s  ridiculous to suggest that a  film can change the honourable judiciary’s  mindset. If this was so there are so many other films in the past dealing with real-life cases that could have influenced the court’s verdict. There were several  highly intelligent and legally informed opinions sitting in on the jury for the Talwars. They  didn’t need external promptings to  come to their decision. Having said this, I’d like to say the Talwars have suffered immensely.Whatever the reasons  for the  honourable court’s verdict  we should be happy for this unfortunate couple.”

Filmmaker and  industry spokesperson Ashok Pandit also pooh-poohs Vishal Bhardwaj’s suggestion that Talvar was instrumental  in  freeing  the Talwars.  “The honourable Judge wouldn’t watch  a film before giving his judgment. There were more than 340  hearings in theArushi case. Every  detail has been debated in the courts, as  per  thechargsheet. Then finally the verdict given as  per law,not going by the climax  of a  film.”

However actor Neeraj Kabi who played Rajesh Talwar in  Talvarmaintains that the  film did influence  the judgement in favour of theTalwars.

“It was  instrumental in  putting the case on the fast track,” says Kabi.

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