Black Buck Poaching Case: Salman Khan is Cool About The Verdict!

Salman Khan’s Court Verdict Is Not A Topic Of Discussion In His Home

His future hangs in balance, what with court verdict on the black-buck incident in Jodhpur

But Salman remains Mr Cool,

A very close friend of the actor reveals, “Salman is going about his work and charity-related activities normally. There is no stress, at least not outwardly.We don’t talk about the court cases at all. Not to hide away from the truth or anything. But because Salman genuinely believes in, ‘Jo hona hoga , hoga. Dekha jayega.’ In Salman’s home the cases are not discussed at all among family and friends. This maybe because Salman doesn’t want to make his mother unnecessarily anxious. We also don’t talk about the court cases with Salman.It’s something that doesn’t come up for conversation.”

“I think he wants to spend time with the family. Nobody knows which way the verdicts will go. But Salman is not anxious . Sanjay Dutt used to be unbearably tense when his verdict was pending. ‘Would I have to go to jail?’ Sanju asked everybody he met. On the other hand Salman Bhai gets visibly irritated if someone brings up the case. The other day a leading lady who’s trying hard to get into Bhai’s good books tried to act all worried and concerned about the cases. ‘Arrey chhod na yaar,’ Bhai snubbed her. I think he knows that sympathy is not going to get him far in these cases. He doesn’t want to talk about the case with anyone. He is ready to take the honourable court’s verdict on his chin, ” says a source close to the Khan family.

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