Bollywood Applauds Kher’s Appointment As FTII Chairperson


While fellow-actors have come  out in full support of Anupam Kher’s appointment as  the new chairperson  of  the  Film & Television Institute Of  India(FTII), filmmaker and industry spokesperson Ashok Pandit has goes full blast against the section of  the student community and of the FTII which has spoken against  Anupam’s appointment.

“These are professional protesters who would  oppose any move  of the government , no matter how wise or  sensible, because they are paid to protest,” lashes  out Pundit deriding the culture of Page 3 activism. “I’ve seen the hypocrisy of our country’s anti-establishment brigade. As  a Kashmiri Pundit I’ve seen how news of the brutal slaying of  people from my community made negligible  inside-news while every time a Kashmiri militant  dies   it is a screaming headline. Why? Because there is no money in  talking about Kashmiri Pundits. Those who are protesting against Anupam’s appointment should look at his track record. He  is both a teacher and student  of cinema.He has the widest possible exposure of world cinema and  will bring his experiences into the workings of  the FTII. There’s hardly anyone in our film industry more qualified than Anupam to head the  FTII.”

Shabana  Azmi is  also welcoming of  Anupam’s new appointment.  “I am very happy about his appointment and wish him all the best.I  think he will be able to inspire the students and  draw the  best out of them because his work is a good mix of mainstream and  independent cinema.”

Naseeruddin Shah’s response to Anupam’s appointment is terse . “His appointment is  not entirely unexpected.”


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