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Bollywood Boycotts Kangana Ranaut?



A big question mark now hangs over  Kangana Ranaut’s career.There  is  a growing sense  of isolation surrounding  her persona as  she struggles bravely to cope with her growing distance from the  film industry.

At a recent Diwali party held at Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s  residence several major actors and  filmmakers were seen avoiding any conversation with the Simran actress.

“And  it wasn’t just Karan  Johar or  Hrithik Roshan with whom she has openly crossed swords Not one single major actor  or actress at the Ambanis’ party seemed inclined to have a conversation  with her. A few of  the  A-listers barely said hello to Kangana while the others simply avoided any  eye contact,” says  an  eyewitness.

One young A-lister was heard smirking about how he would scared to sit next to HER in a  flight.

The scenario of seclusion was repeated  for Kangana  at  the inauguration  of  the Mumbai Film Festival where  the actress was mostly seen keeping the company  of  her business manager. Karan Johar who  was  present at  the event was clearly the  more popular  figure as  most if not all the top names were seen  conversing  with him while Kangana was seen  mostly keeping the company  of the  festival organizers.

There is also talk of the actress being stuck out of several Diwali guest lists this week.

A young prominent  filmmakers feels the actress has driven herself into a corner. “As  it is our film industry not take  kindly to women who use and speak their mind. Kangana did worse.She  took on the bigwigs headlong and then  was unable to argue her case against them  to its logical conclusion.”

There is a swelling  tide of support,tacit or open,for Hrithik in Kangana’s fight with the  superstar. For all practical purposes she has lost the  fight to prove that her alleged relationship with Hrithik  makes her the victim  of an affluent filmic empire’s arrogant condescension . With the Roshans apparently planning a  hard  hit-back at  the actress it is tough times ahead  for Kangana.

“Her  films  including the latest Simran have  bombed. No prominent name  in  the  film industry  is willing to be associated with her,  not even  Hansal Mehta who stood quietly by her side throughout the pre-release marketing  of  Simran   as she lashed out at Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi.

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