Bollywood doesn’t Mind Saying Goodbye To Lisa Haydon 

At  at a time when relations between India and Pakistan have hit an  all-time low the very sensuous Lisa Haydon has shown us that love can still conquer all…and the wall. Breaking down barriers between the two countries on Sunday  she married her UK-based tycoon-boyfriend of Pakistani origin Dino Lalvani.

IndoPak celebrity marriages have a chequered history. Actress Reena Roy married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan, converted to Islam and moved to Pakistan.She soon scuttled back to India and fought a  bitter legal battle to  get back her daughter.

Tennis star Sania Mirza is going great guns with her cross-border marriage to cricketer Shoaib Malik. When during a television interview she was asked which country their unborn non-existent  child would play for(provided he/she was a  sportsperson) Saniasaid when together she and her husband were just husband and wife , nationality of no consequence.

Easier said than done, Ms Mirza.

Friends of Ms Haydon say she is done with Bollywood and plans to settle down in London with her new husband. That is all for the best, considering her career in Bollywood was heading waste.

Interestingly Lisa plays a stunning gold-digger engaged to marry a UK-based jetsetterin Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

Says a filmmaker who has worked with Mrs Lalvani in the past, “She was always a misfit here.  She had no idea of the Hindi language and the kind of  roles that suited her. Except for Queen, she ended up doing roles in films where she was completely out of her depth, like  Rascals, Housefull 3 and Santa Banta Pvt Ltd where she was clueless.”

Lisa will happily bid goodbye to Bollywood and Bollywood won’t mind saying goodbye to her.

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