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Bollywood To Ban Arnab Goswami?



Bollywood To Ban Arnab Goswami? 10

 In the coming  months and weeks, it is  going to  be very  tough for  star-anchor  and the self-designated  conscience  of  the  nation Arnab  Goswami to convince  Bollywood’s  high-profile names  to come  on his loud, make that  very loud, national debates .

Goswami’s abusive belligerent  tone of  questioning and  his reputation  for not letting his guests speak were factors that  kept  several prominent  Bollywood names  safely  out  of harm’s way.

 But now  after  Sushant Singh’s death and  the  open abuse of  Bollywood  as a place of sex  drugs and debauchery  , Bollywood en masse  has decided to stay  away  from  Goswami’s  “toxic” screaming match(a k a The Nation Wants To  Know).

A prominent actress , sickened  by  Rhea Chakraborty’s  media  lynching specially  on  Arnab Goswami’s show says, “I know  it is hard expect  our film industry to become one on any issue. And some may happily  show up on Goswami’s  live debate.  But by and large he is  going to find it  very difficult  to  get prominent  Bollywood names  to agree to come to his channel.”

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