Bollywood To Boycott Arnab Goswami?

“He’s Carrying On His Own Indo-Pak In His News Room,” Lashes Out Pahlaj Nihalani

He is by far the most popular news journalist on television. The belligerent unstoppably aggressive Arnab Goswami is in the line of fire for hauling Bollywood actor and filmmakers over the caol over their fence-sitting/pro-peace attitude. First it was filmmakerAnurag Basu being scolded for defending the Pakistani actor’s right to work in India.

On  Tuesday night Arnab slammed the hapless Om Puri for his politically incorrect statements regarding the Indian army and our valorous jawaans.Om, looking anguished and ill,  was also not allowed to speak a word in his defence as the panelists slammed him and sneered at the  actor for acting arty at a time when the country is at war.

After the show a senior filmmaker who has also been slammed for his opinion on the Pakistani presence in Bollywood said, “Om looked devastated and helpless on the show. My heart reached out him.It must have made the patriots of our country very happy to see him humiliated.”

While those elements from the film industry who feel Arnab tends to go “too far” and doesn’t allow guests to have their says ,refused to comment on record,  the censor chiefPahlaj Nihalani spoke up against what he calls the tyranny of television journalism.

“They command you to come on their channel , and then humiliate you. I’ve stopped going on Arnab Goswami’s channel.Why should I , when he has already made up his mind that I am wrong about  everything and he is right about everything? I know many prominent actors and filmmakers who are unwilling to go on Arnab’s show to be humiliated. It is worse than being on one of those ‘roasts’ .At least you know over there you are being ridiculed for fun. Arnab’s intention is to discredit and destroy your selfrespect permanently.”

Nihalani also accuses Arnab Goswami of carrying on his own private war against Pakistan from his newsroom. “He has made up his mind that India is at war with Pakistan. Anyone who says we aren’t at war is anti-national.What I want to ask Arnab is, does he think he runs the country from his newsroom?”

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