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Bollywood To Boycott Pakistani Events Organizer In The US



US-based  Pakistani Bollywood-events organizer  Rehan Siddiqui  who has been on the  Indian government’s radar  for allegedly funding anti-India  activities, now faces complete  ban from Bollywood A-list actors, some  of whom have been  turning a blind eye to Siddiqui’s allegedly  nefarious  funding activities  for  years  now.

 With the  Indian government  taking a  strong stand against  Indian entertainers who  associate  with allegedly anti-India elements,  Bollywood  has no  choice but to withdraw from Siddiqui’s  events. Salman  Khan who was  supposed to  perform in Houston  on  10 April 2020 at an  event organized  by Rehan Siddiqui  has apparently cancelled  his appearance(though  it must be  noted that  there has been no  official announcement from  Salman or  his team).

Earlier  in  September 2019, Diljit Dosanjh had cancelled  his  gig in the US  with Siddiqui.

It is  a shame  that Bollywood  had to be forced  into a corner to do  the  right thing.

In  September  The  Federation Of Western India  Cine Employees(FWICE)  in a strongly-worded series  of letters had  condemned  Diljit Dosanjh,  Saif Ali Khan and singer Shreya Ghosal for  agreeing to perform at a US concert  organized  by Rehan  Siddiqui.

The letter said, “…FWICE has zero tolerance  for  such performers and condemns it as anti-national and  unpatriotic  bordering to(sic.)  treason  with your country.”

Ashoke Pandit the  chief adviser  of  the  FWICE feels Indian entertainers need  to get their  priorities  right. “For money some  of them are ready to sell their conscience. How can any Indian artiste even  think of associating with  Pakistan  at a time when the tension between  the two countries has escalated  to an all-time high?”

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