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Bollywood Voices on Week 2 Of Corona Lockdown



Bollywood Voices on Week 2 Of Corona Lockdown 4

Swara Bhaskar: “I have a maha-needy and attention-seeking dog who is taking up all my energy and I’m trying hard to work on a long pending script, so I’ve no time to get restless or depressed.”

Tusshar Kapoor:  “I’ve  no time to rest.I am  homeschooling my son Laksshya. He  is almost 4 and   he has homework from  e-schooling daily.As for me , in a profession like ours a lot of work is done online , so that takes up the rest of the time every day.”

Sudhir Mishra (who has just  lost his father):  “I was in isolation with  my aging parents. They  both 90 years  old. I realized  catching the  virus would be  death for them. The thought of them being harmed kept me  firmly indoors.”

Ram Gopal Varma : “I am in Hyderabad.This is the first time I am spending my time without a schedule. It  is a scary thought  to  get up in the morning and not  know what to do for  the day. There are only so many films that you can see and so many books that  you can read and so  much of the news that  you can watch. After a while you want to get back to work.”

Taapsee Pannu “Actually the restlessness has not crept into my life as yet.  I am taking  it one day at a time and keeping myself occupied with household chores, cooking, talking to  family and  friends and  learning new skills.I am  not into binge-watching serials or reading books.”

Jitendra  Kumar(web star and recently seen as  Ayushmann Khurrana’s  gay partner in Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan): “I am keeping  myself busy with yoga and cooking.  But how  much of that can  one  do? Though  I’ve never been much of a social animal the isolation has begun to get  to me. There is  just so much that  you can take  of your own company. Even  the cooking is no more enjoyable when you have to  grind all the masala yourself, cut all the vegetables, knead the  dough ,  cook and eat  by yourself and then  wash the vessels too. I have a  new-found respect for  those who do the  work before and after the  cooking.”

Anupam Kher : “I am keeping calm although I’ve never  been without kaam(work) during  the past 40 years.I am   keeping himself  from getting restless  by reading the Bhagvat Gita.”

Shabana Azmi : “I am alternating between  watching dreadful news and reading beautiful  poetry, while my  husband (poet-writer Javed Akhtar) is  glued to the screen watching news and serials  24 hours.He is  deeply disturbed  by what  is happening. As for  me, the road accident which  almost took my life in January taught me  to be more tolerant  about adversity.I was  told by the  doctors that I escaped  by a miracle because the bleeding stopped one  millimeter  away  from my skull.” 

Manisha  Koirala: “It is not difficult for me to be  home-bound. During my cancer treatment I was home bound so this is another time to remind ourselves  how fragile and vulnerable we all are. I am  taking  baby steps each day.. doing the right thing now and  not counting days .We as a race are prisoners of our own mind.It dictates us.Habits dictates us.Now is the time to look at life differently.. new ways, a new normal.. I’ m enjoying spending time with my parents…cooking,gardening,cleaning,reading,being on  the  social media ,Skype chats etc.. Dhyan and   pranayama,walks and work-outs with TRX and  lightweightsAnd of course Netflix. I was always a home bird so I had  no  difficulty staying home.Only concern was and is how to keep my parents, myself and my adorable staff healthy and happy at home.”

 Adnan Sami : “Week 2  of the  lockdown getting to me? Are you kidding?! I’ve been through two failed marriages and the ensuing  divorce proceedings. This is  nothing in  comparison.”

Saif Ali Khan:  “We  should  overcome this soon. I am getting a  bit fed up.”

 Sidharth Shukla : “Enough  sleep enough movies. Now what? A  certain amount  of  anxiety has set  in.”

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