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Bollywood Wins Big At Elections..



Sunny Deol, Hema Malini and  Kirron Kher won big at  the Lok Sabha elections.The two  big losses this election were Shatrughan Sinha and Urmila Matondkar both  of whom made the  mistake of  joining  the Congress I at a time when  the  BJP wave was  its highest ebb.

 Shatrughan  Sinha  refuses to see his  floor-crossing as a mistake.  “I did what was  right for me. I  could not continue to function within a   party  that  didn’t  respect me. I’ve no regrets  about the losing.  Haarna jeetna  toh chalta hi rahta hai.I’ll continue to  toil  for the  betterment  of  the people  of Bihar.”

Shatrughan Sinha’s  friend colleague and  former BJP  ally Hema Malini has double reason to  celebrate.  Her stepson Sunny Deol has also won big on a  BJP ticket. “We are very happy. Dharamji just can’t  hold back his tears of joy. I can’t take this win  for granted.I’ve  promised  the  electorate in my constituency Mathura  many major developments in the  holy city. I intend  to fulfill my promises in  the next five years because  I am not coming back  to contest elections.”

Kirron Kherr who  is expected  to reclaim her seat from Chandigarh is  a  hundred  percent sure that she won on the strength of  the Modi wave sweeping across India.

“But  it’s also her hard work,”  praises her supportive  husband Anupam Kher who campaigned  for Kirron. “There are  other  husbands who campaigned for their wives, and they lost. So  it’s got nothing to with my support. The  Indian electorate is clever.It  knows  what it  wants. Indians are  now  no more star-struck  gullible  folks voting for their favourite  stars. Bollywood actors may  attract big crowds during campaigning. But it doesn’t mean  they will vote  for  actors just because they  came to  gawk at them at political rallies.Good work is what gets  you  vote.”

Shabana Azmi and  Swara Bhaskar had  travelled all the way to  Bihar’s backwaters  in Begusarai in support  of Kanhaiya Kumar.  But he lost miserably.

Says  Shabana Azmi, “The people of India have given a decisive victory to Narendra Modi and we have to respect that .The next five years are crucial in holding the government accountable for their election promise  Sabka saathsabka vikaas. If we want our country to be a world leader it is imperative that we work towards a vibrant inclusivistIndia where employment is generated for our youth,the interests of farmers safeguarded and a robust economy prevails.”

Ravi Kissan who won a massive  victory from Gorakhpur says he  owes  it to  Narendra Modi. “All of us from the entertainment  industry who  have  won the elections have done so  by riding the  Modi wave. He is a true rock star.Gorakhpur is  my home. I will give my  life to  it.”

All the  winning candidates are very serious about setting aside their film careers  to  serve  their constituency.

Sunny Deol who  is  the  biggest Bollywood victor would now be  travelling frequently to his  constituencyGurdaspur.The victory comes at an opportune time when all his films including the latest release Blank drew a blank at  the  boxoffice.

Perhaps Urmila Matondkar too hoped  to  retrieve lost glory on a different platform. But God had other plans.

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