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Bollywood Wives Don’t Like Husbands Kissing Their Heroines



Television star and big-screen aspirant Gurmeet Choudhary’s wife is apparently livid with her  husband. After she saw his smouldering smooches with co-star Sana Khan in a forthcoming film  the two apparently had a massive showdown in Sri Lanka over the issue.

When Ajay Devgn did his first screen kiss in Shivaay recently, he didn’t tell his wifeKajol about it. She only found out about it after  the film was  complete. What kind of upheavals ensued in the Devgan household is not known.

But one thing is for sure. Bollywood star-wives are not comfortable with their spouses kissing on screen. This is why Shah Rukh Khan has an unwritten  no-kissing clause which he broke just once for his favourite director Yash Chopra in Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Imran Khan—when he had a career—also had an unofficial embargo on  kissing scenes which he broke just once for a  lingering lip-lock with  Anushka Sharma in Matru Ki BijliKa Mandola.Imran apparently turned down the opportunity to kiss Kangna Ranaut inKatti Batti.

Akshay Kumar kissed Shilpa Shetty in Dhadkan in a honeymoon sequence. But before the film’s release he was hitched to marry Twinkle Khanna.So the AkshayShilpa kiss was discreetly edited out.Akshay has not been seen in any liplock in recent times.He told a friend that romance and intimacy can be expressed without kissing.But would he have come to this state of nirvanic realization  if there was no wife waiting at home?

Ayushmann Khurrana had hell to pay when he agreed to a liplock with his (now-forgotten) co-star Pooja Salvi in Nautanki Saala. Ayushmann’s wife threw a fit and almost walked out on him. He had to promise it wouldn’t happen again.

A  “happily” married  actor known for his commitment to getting the role right once told me, “No wife likes to see her man kissing another woman even if it’s just for the camera. When I had to do a kissing scene  I told the director to meet my wife and get her permission. She met the director and told him she was cool with the kiss.I double-checked with her that night and she said it was okay. But after the scene was shot she moved into the guest room and wouldn’t talk to me for  days.So I’d advise all Indian actors to think twice before plunging into it.”


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