Bollywood’s 5 Most Awkward Moments 2017

1.     Sunil Grover Carries Shah Rukh Khan In His Lap: At a recent popular awards function Shah  Rukh Khan who is known to be the consummate entertainer at every function, big or small, was put through the most awkward flirty drag act by Suniel Grover—remember  him? Ever since he quit The Kapil Sharma Show Grover had been dragging  the drag act across various stage shows like  a ball and chain. But what happened at this awards function was beyond cringe-worthiness. As Grover went into his salwarkameez mard-slinging routine Shah Rukh could be seen wincing  in embarrassment. Not because he was daunted by the drag, but because it was so stale and dull. The dreadful dragging ended with Grover picking up ShahRukh and walking  out of stage. Truly the oddest, most awkward  and  worst most uninspiring  image from showbiz in 2017.What was the writer of this act smoking?

2.     Ranbir-Mahira’s Shared Smoke: Wherever there is  smoke, there  is no ‘No Smoking’ signs.We all know Ranbir is a smoker and his lips are so nicotine-stained that they have to be rendered  pink through artificial means. But when he was caught sneaking a  smoke withMaihra Khan Ranbir in the US he unwittingly gave a new twist toIndoPak relations.We always  knew cigarette smoking was injurious to health. But this was too  much.

3.     Mammoothy’s Misogyny  In Malayali Movie Kasab:  In a  sequence straight out of hell Mammoothy playing a cop in Kasabgrabs a  female colleagues’s trousers by its belt and tells her he is capable of stopping her menstrual  cycle. At a time when  Bollywood’s heroes are moving towards gender sensitivity andAkshay Kumar is selling economical sanitary pads, a Southern superstar threatens  to break the cycle of reform and gender sensitization.A   true face-in-the-palm  moment.

4.     Deepika Padukone Mistaken For Priyanka Chopra: At  the Los Angeles international airport Deepika Padukone was called out by the paparazzi as ‘Priyanka Chopra’. Deepika could’ve  responded with grace , much in the same way that Ryan Gosling did when during a  talk show with Graham Norton,Harrison Ford kept forgetting Ryan’s name. Deepika didn’t respond with grace. Bollywood actors need to stop taking themselves  so seriously.

5.     Rishi Kapoor Mistaken  For Shashi Kapoor: The BBC, no less, posted  a picture of  Rishi Kapoor in  Shashi Kapoor’s obituary. This should not have upset Rishi, since he created monstrously awkward moments all through  2017 on Twitter. Tweet for tat.

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