Bonding With Dad: Kalki Takes A Road Trip With Her Father

The ever-enterprising Kalki Koechlin recently took an amazing road trip with your Dad Joel Koechlin  for travel shot on Fox Life channel.

She can’t get over how enriching the experience was. “It was quite an experience travelling all across the North-East. It was like stepping into a whole new world of amazing scenic beauty and spiritual resonance.”

Kalki says she shares a very precious and exceptional bonding with her father. “I always felt close to my Dad. But it is a strange relationship that I share with him. My Mom and Dad separated when I was a child.So I only met my Dad on weekends and on special occasions.”

Connecting with her father is something Kalki enjoys doing whenever possible. “Our meetings in the past have been  sporadic. But whenever we met we had fun .We shared some adventurous trips together in the past. He is a nature photographer.”

The idea of travelling to the North East was her father’s . “It was always thrilling to go trekking and mountaineering with him. So when my Dad said,  ‘Listen, we haven’t travelled together for some years . The last time we went together was to Gulmarg four years ago.’  I was game.He wanted us to travel to the North-East because we had never been to that part of the world. I always wanted to go there. “

The idea of turning her travel with her father into a tv show was Kalki’s. “I  thought of making our trip into a show.We looked for a channel that would understand what we were trying to do  in that journey.We didn’t want it to be another celebrity show. We wanted the North-East to be the focus.We wanted it to be raw and real. Fox allowed us the freedom to do the show how we liked. So we took off from there.”

Father and daughter rode through the North East  for two weeks.

Says Kalki, “We covered three states Arunachal, Assam and Meghalaya.It was enriching and exhausting. Completely worth it. The people were so wonderful.And the food out there  is completely different from what we eat. Stunning nature and landcape.And my Dad.What more can a gal ask for?”

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