Boney Kapoor’s Family Will Now Move To One Home


Boney Kapoor has gone on-record to express his gratitude and relief over all his children from his two marriages coming together as one family.

One now hears from very reliable sources that Boney intends to now live with all his children under one roof.

“This has been an idea that Boney has been toying with ever since he saw how his four children came together in his time of distress and bereavement. However the problem is , which home would the family occupy? The one where Arjun and his sister Anshula now stay together—previously with their late mother Mona Kapoor—or Boney’s home where he stays with his daughters Janhvi and Khushi,” says the source.

It is likely that Boney and two girls Janhvi and Khushi will move in with Arjun and Anshula.

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