Boney’s Children Are Together…But Would Sridevi Have Approved?

During her lifetime the mighty Sridevi never wanted to share her husband and her children by him, with his other family. One reason why Boney was seen to be so scarce around his two children Arjun and Anshula by his first wife Mona was because Sridevi didn’t want him to be seen with them.

“It wasn’t cruelty or meanness at all. There was not a mean bone in Sri’s body. It was just insecurity .Sri could never get over her guilt for having snatched away Boney from his first wife and their two children. Unlike Hema Malini who comfortably shares her husband’s emotional space with his first wife and their children, Sri could never overcome her fear of losing her husband to Mona once again,” says a close friend of the family.

Ironically now that she is no more, Boney’s children from his two wives are seem to be bonding like never before.

“It’s almost as if the only obstacle to Boney’s two families coming together is now gone.We really wonder how Sri would have felt about her daughters bonding big-time with their father’s children from his other wife,” says the family friend.

We also wonder what Sridevi would have thought of the Sonam marriage happening just two months after her demise.

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