Brazen Kapil Sharma & Sony Entertainment Cornered Into Sacking Sidhu

After all the  false reports  of  having  sacked  Navjot Singh Sindhu  from The Kapil SharmaShow, the  show’s producers  and  Kapil  Sharma have finally been  forced  to take  retributive action against  Sidhu after  the  Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE)  declared that  no  worker/technician affiliated with  the  Federation would work with Sidhu.

 Ashoke Pandit, chief advisor  of the FWICE says reports that Sidhu won’t be  allowed  to enter  Film City where  The Kapil Sharma Show is  being shot , are wrong.

Says Pandit, “He can go  to Film City. It’s a government-owned  premise. He can  walk around freely, have tea or whatever he wants  to  have  with Kapil Sharma and his  other dear friends  .But  he  can’t shoot  in Film City  or anywhere else  with any technician on  the Kapil Sharma  Show  or any other  television  or film set.”

So in principle  Sidhu is  banned from the Kapil Sharma Show?

“You can  say that. It’s a shame that Kapil and  Sony Entertainment  had  to be cornered  to take  the  right  decision. We cannot have  these fence-sitters   getting away with their so-called  moderate stance on Pakistan. The other day  I was in a panel  discussion on television  .We  were discussing  the  banning  of cricketers  from Pakistan. A panelist said, ‘Let’s defeat the Pakistanis  on  the  cricket field.’ They are coming  at us with  AK-56s and you  want to  play cricket with them?! Such  moderates  need  mental  help,” says Pandit.

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