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Breaking: Brahmastra Sequel To Start  By  Year-End




With Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra proving to be  a certifiable hit there is a sudden upsurge  of  interest in  the sequel.We can now  tell you that the second  part of the trilogy entitled Brahmastra Part 2 Dev will take  off  by the  end of  2022 or the beginning of 2023.

An informed  source  reveals, “Ayan has  more or less written the  script for the entire Trilogy before he started  shooting Part 1. Now he  needs  to fine-tune  Part  2 , make it  more racy and perhaps accentuate  the plot points  which have been  liked in  the first part. Karan Johar(the producer  of  the Trilogy) and his co-producers  Fox-Star  are  keen to kickoff  Part 2  sooner rather than later. Ayan  wants  to take  a break before  getting into Part 2. But it  looks  like he  won’t be  allowed any respite.”

With Brahmastra Shiva Part  1 proving the naysayers wrong,Part 2 is  stronger  now than it was  before the release  of Part 1.The  team wants  to strike while the iron is  hot, the sooner the better.

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