Breaking Down The Doors: Priyanka Chopra Has Not Seen  Indian Cops Breaking Down Doors?!

Priyanka Chopra is being seen on a multitude of  American chat shows. On each one she shares what she considers to be some unknown  facet of Indian life.She told Ellen Degeneres that Indian drink a lot.

Hic to that.

Now  on The Late Night With Seth Meyers Priyanka is heard sharing with her host that the trademark style of American cops barging in on a scene of crime by breaking down doors, is not to be found in Indian films and serials.

“Every time I watched (American) shows ….I loved the way they kick in the doors…I don’t think our cops do that in India,” says Priyanka to Seth Meyers who chuckles back, “What do they do? Knock?”

Clearly she has not been watching crime serials on Indian television like the long-running CID where cops regularly break down doors to apprehend wrongdoers.


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