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Breaking: James Bond’s No Time To Die In 3D In India and China Only



No Time to Die

There is a strong possibility that movie theatres in Maharashtra may finally re-open from October 1.

And what better way to celebrate this event for moviegoers than the new James Bond flick No Time To Die? On hold for release since the past one year, No Time To Die is the 25th Bond film and Daniel Craig’s fifth and final stint as Bond. Hence …very special.

And to ensure that audiences in India feel motivated enough to return to movie theatres one last time for Daniel Craig’s sake, the film’s Indian distributors Warner Brothers are releasing a special 3D version of No Time To Die in India

A source in the know informs me, “The 3D version of No Time To Die will be available only in India and China. In the rest of the world No Time To Die will release only in 2D. This 3D format is being done specially in India and China to entice audiences back to the theater. We expect No Time To Die to be the turn-around film in movie theatres after the lockdown.”

Last month the new Akshay Kumar starrer Bell Bottom was released in India in the 3D format, with limited success. However theatres in Maharashtra were denied to Bell Bottom. Warner Brothers is hopeful that theatres in Maharashtra will re-open from October thereby facilitating a spectacular sendoff to Daniel Craig as James Bond in 3D, no less.

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