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Breathe 2 Brings Baby Bachchan Back With A Bang!



For all of us  who have been missing Abhishek Bachchan on  sceen—he was last seen in Manmarziyan  in 2018—it’s time  to breathe easy. AB Jr returns in Breathe 2 which  seems to  carry forward  an  interesting cinematic legacy  :  of a father  searching for his missing daughter. The  classic in that genre is the  Kamal Haasan Tamil  classic  Mahanadhi where the father’s search is so poignant and harrowing it  was for me  almost unbearable  to watch.

Breathe  2  Into The Shadows casts Abhishek as a  father, a psychiatrist, searching  for  his missing daughter.From the  trailer  the treatment  seems  taut  and  perky.With the camera constantly on the prowl, there  doesn’t seem to be a single idle moment  in the storytelling.

I just hope the pace  is  not going  so  frenetic  as to smother the storytelling  in dramatic tension.

I hope Breathe 2 allows the  characters to breathe. It is  interesting that the first Breathe  season  was  about a father who would  go to any lengths  to save his  son’s life. The  actor playing the  father Madhavan was  the  father  of a son in real  life.And  now the  actor  playing  the missing daughter’s father  is   a  doting daddy to  a daughter in  real too.

Abhishek says he  somewhere connected very  deeply with the  part  of  a father who  will do anything to save  his daughter’s life. This is  his most  personal  role ever. And Abhishek immerses himself with a calm intensityin  bringing the father ‘s anguish to  life. He has  great  support in the very lovely Nithya Menen who should be seen  more  often and  Amit Sadh who is  one of the  underrated actors of Bollywood.

But you won’t hear Sadh  complaining.He is too busy working to be whining.

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