Brett’s Butt Ordered Out By The Censor Board, Says Censor Chief Pahlaj Nihalani

Contrary to reports in a section of the press , the love-making scene was not  ordered out of Anupam Chopra’s Brett Lee starrer UnIndian.

Apparently the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) requested Chopra to trim down the lovemaking scene and delete a butt shot of  Brett Lee.
Explains Pahlajji, “The sequence  showed the lead pair making love intercut with shots of a guru chanting mantras. We never asked them to delete the love-making sequence.We only asked them to trim it down. Instead the producer-director  volunteered to remove the love-making scene entirely. The scene  now has just a suggestion of love-making.The nude shot of the hero and much of the love-making has been removed.”

The censor chief feels there is much virtue in showing less rather than more. “I personally feel the sequence looks better now than it did earlier.It is commendable that the producer-director on his own decided to delete the sequence.”

Curiously frames from the love-making sequence in UnIndian are splashed in the Indian media although it is no longer in the film.

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