Bucket List Movie Review: It Is Madhuri’s  English Vinglish


Bucket List(Marathi)



Rating: ** (two and ahalf stars)

I was looking forwardto seeingMadhuriDixits Marathi debut. She is after all, aMaharashtrianand it seemsa shame that she had to wait until the roles dried up in Hindi tomove to her mother tongue.Bucket Listseemedlikea good opportunity to make up for lost time.

Sadly this well-intended but fractured excessively sweetenedfilm about a housewife living out a list of daring(daring , by her conservative standards)fantasiesisabit of a letdown.ForoneBucket Listseems more about the actress Madhuristhanher character Madhuras bucket list.

OutdoingSrideviwas always a secret yearningthatMadhurinursed.In their heydaysSrideviwasNo.1,Madhuriwasno 2. Assimple asthat.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, hereyou have it .MadhuriDixitdoing SridevisEnglishVinglish. In both,the female hero plays a Marathi housewife who at somepointdecides she wants to exploreexperiences outside marriage, children andhome. In both thehusband isashadowyfigure playedwith confident persuasionby actors whoknow how to flesh out their sketchily written roles.AdilHussainandSumeetRaghavanare interchangeable inEnglishVinglishandBucket List.And they arebothequally replaceablewithVinodMehraif this film had been made in the 1970s which it easily could have been.

The focusisonMadhuriDixitas shetucks thepalluof hersareeinto her still-slim waist and takesoffon what she considerstobe daring adventures. BothMadhuri/Madhuraandthe films benign-heartedwriter-director seem to be inflictedbythe yearning to keep the proceedings sweet anddignified to the point of being disarmingly dull.

Sometimesits hard to tell whereMadhuriends andMadhurabegins.AndI dont mean thatin a complimentary way.For example the bucket-list , borrowedfrom herdead heart donorssubconscious, mentions the deadgirl Sais desire to wear a bikini on a beach. That wish remains unfulfilled to the end. I am not sure who refused to wear the bikini.MadhuraorMadhuri.

Madhuras adventures seemembarrassingly tame .They echo whatRaimaSentried 11 yearsago inReemaKagtisHoneymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.Astheever-beamingMadhura,Madhurioccupies almost every frame. Though heticks off all theboxes in theSallu Ki Wishlist rosterof aworkingclasshousewifes need to fly, she does nothing here that she hasnt done before.Madhuriis still adelight to watch. But we didnt need this film to prove it.

Bucket Listseemsto have been conceived only to flatter its leading lady. Inthe process talented actors likeRenukaShahane,ShubhaKhote,DilipPrabhalkarandSumedhMudgalkar(giving aheartfelt performance asthe heart donorstwin brother) barely get a chance to comeout of the shadows. When they do,we get an inkling of what this film could have beenif it had its heartin the right place. Or maybe too much heart and very littlemind is the problem.

If you want to see a solidly performedpowerfully written film on amiddleclasshousewifes middle aged rebelliontryTabuinMaheshManjrekarsAstitvaorSmitaPatilinJabbarPatelsSubah.

Or better still watchEnglishVinglishagain.

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