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It’s called An Ordinary Life, But I Don’t Think My Life  Is Ordinary: Nawazuddin On His Memoirs

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is getting ready  to  release  his memoirs entitled An Ordinary Life .

“It’s  going to be officially released in October..We haven’t decided on a date as yet,” says Nawaz excited  about telling his side of  the story so far.

“It will cover the entire period from my childhood to the  time I arrived in Mumbai. So it’s pretty much written at  the mid-point  of  my life,” says  Nawaz excitedly spilling the beans on his bean-spilling spree in the  book.

“I’ve been as honest  in my memoirs as I could be.I haven’t hidden anything.  In fact some people in my life are going to be deeply offended when they read what I have to day. To those who are hurt by my memoirs I want to say sorry from now. But I had no choice. Either I told my story with utmost honesty  or not tell  it at all.No point in lies and half-truths  if you want to tell your story to the world.”

Nawaz  is aware that many Bollywood actors and  filmmakers have jumped on the biographic bandwagon.He hasn’t read any of his colleagues’ biographies. “Waqt kahaan  hai? I barely had time to  complete my own memoirs.”

Nawaz says he  took the plunge because his publishers were keen. “Penguin India  not only convinced me to  tell my story they also got a co-author  on board. Rituparna Chatterjee  is from the US. She came down to India to spend time with me and record my experiences as and when I had  the time.”

The  super-busy actor says  it has pretty much been a rollercoaster  of recorded experiences for Chatterjee.  “Whenever I  have had time I called her over to share my experiences with her. And she  would  reach me without losing time.Not only was it about finding time in my schedule . Lekin mood bhi toh honi chahiye na?(one has to be in  the mood too). I couldn’t start introspecting about my life any time I was free to do so. Every phase  of my life has  a different connotation, relevance and  significance for me. I can’t respond to every experience in the same way. So basically my writer had  to wean all the information out of   me. Main unke sayyam ko salaam harta hoon(I salute her patience).”

The  result , says Nawaz, is impressive. “I shouldn’t be saying this myself. But  my memoirs have turned out the way I hoped they would. I think I’ve a lot to share  with people who come from small towns to the big cities with their big dreams.If I didn’t find my story inspirational I wouldn’t have  put it down in a  book.”

A  film version  of Nawaz’s memoirs is not ruled  out. “Let’s see how far the book goes. Right now I am excited about how people will respond to my brutally honest confessions. Being the hero of the story has never been a priority. I  don’t mind being seen in an unflattering light.”

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It’s called An Ordinary Life, But I Don’t Think My Life  Is Ordinary: Nawazuddin On His Memoirs