Can Govinda Take On Why Cheat India ?

This Friday it’s a battle of chicanery in the  movie theaters. While  Govinda  plays a con-man and fake  godman  in  Pahlaj Nihalani’s Rangeela  Raja, Emraan Hashmi plays a professional hustler of the academic world in Why Cheat  India.And then  we have Arshad Warsi as a  man cheating women into multiple marriages in  Fraud Saiyyan.

“It’s all about frauds and conmen  this Friday.A reflection  of our times,” says Nihalani happily. He feels the  mood is  right for films about fraudulence.

“If you  look at the amount of news space Vijay Mallya  or Nirav Modi command you will see that  everyone at some level  aspires  to get rich by hook or by crook. I  think the  films this week celebrate that spirit of  immoral acquisition,” says  Nihalani.

Sadly the  movie theatres don’t seem  to share  Nihalani’s enthusiasm. A source  from a multiplex chain sees “zero interest” in Rangeela Raja  and Fraud Saiyyan

.“There  is some interest  in  Why Cheat India  because  it  has to do with the educational system of  the country and T Series is marketing the  film well.  But all the three leading men of the three releases this week—Emraan Hashmi in  Why Cheat India, Govinda in  Rangeela Raja and Arshad Warsi in Fraud Saiyyan—have  no market.  The  three films come without any star value. Only the  content will help them survive,” says  the  source. We  will see where this goes. ReplyReply allForward
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