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Captain America Civil War Review: It Makes The Super Heroes Look Imbecilic!



Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johanssen, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen

Directed by: Anthony & Joe Russo

Movie Review: There is something you should know.There is something seriously wrong with world we live in. I am not saying it. The Super-Heroes of the Marvel kingdom are. And they can’t be wrong. After all, they have the capability to save the world , as we know it, from self-destruction.

Lately the super-hero films have begun to groan under the weight of carrying the burden of the ruinous world on their strapping shoulders. The last big super-hero film Batman Versus Superman was so dense in its plotting proclivities that no one in the world fully comprehended the full force of the  fanatically niche-oriented proceedings.

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To its credit—and to our relief—the hijinks of the super-heroes is  far easier to follow inCaptain America. Some of them, like the new callow Spiderman(Tom Holland) , are fun to watch. But I am afraid the fun element seems to be rapidly dwindling  from the  super-hero franchise. Even the ravishing Sacrlett Johansson’s Black Widow looks distracted, as though she has other worlds to save once done with this one.

Here’s what is going wrong with the Marvel movies. The blood of humanism is being drained out and replaced by the furious flow of virtual adrenaline. These are not men and women who care for individuals. Too busy saving civilization from catastrophe they end up behaving like  automatons on Speed.

The plot is so layered it seems to be constructed in a beehive. At some point or the other every super-hero is at loggerheads with one of his or her  colleagues. Iron Man(RobertDowney Jr) and Captain America(Chris Evans), though on the same side, are this time ideologically  opposed and trendily polarized. It is no longer enough to have the super-heroes battling  the Evil Force. That comes later. Intricate internecine wars are worked out by the super-brains who super-vise the super-flicks about the super-heroes.

It’s done to super-impress the hypnotized breed of humanity know as the Marvel maniacs. For the rest of civilization Captain America is one long exercise in self-pleasuring eruptions. Barring the Black American actor Chadwick Boseman who plays the bereaved prince of an African nation joining forces with the Avengers ,the emphatically expressionless actors don’t seem to be having much fun doing what super-heroes are supposed to do.

Save the world, silly!

Clearly Captain America misses the wood for the trees, or the  fun for the apocalypse. By the time the climax has all the  super-heroes lining up against the villain(played btSebastian Stan, looking more a rock star than a super-villain, frazzled than dazzled) the crammed canvas resembles the prized bookshelf in a little boy’s room with all the super-hero figures lined up for a battle , that no one is supposed to touch, particularly not grown-ups.

There is one more super-hero film about the masked and unmasked saviours of the universe waiting to erupt on our saturated senses. Alas, Captain America is not that film.

The dubbing in Hindi is fair to farcical. Varun Dhawan’s Captain America is frugally heard. This is a man of few words.

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