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CBFC Chief Files Police Complaint Against Mirror Now  Reporter



In what could be a new  blow to the already-shaky equation between the paparazzi and the entertainment  world, Pahlaj Nihalani the  chairperson  of the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC), has filed  a police complaint against a reporter Himanshi Chaudhary from the new  channel  Mirror Now for harassment, intimidation and breach of  privacy.

In  the police complaint  lodged on Friday at the Girgaum police  station Nihalani accuses the  reporter  of “ continuously harassing me in my office building premise…exceeding all levels  of  courteous behavior…and bullying the security guards  and office staff into letting her enter my office.”

The  police complaint of which  this writer has a copy also goes on to accuse the reporter  of haranguing Nihalani repeatedly in the lift to his  office and making news out of his refusal to speak to her.

This, according to  Nihalani , amounts to a willful obstruction of  government officer’s duties and not allowing him  to do his job properly.

The Mirror Now reporter has been trying to track down Pahlaj Nihalani for  some weeks  now for his comments  on  the censorial activities with a  camera recording his unwillingness to speak.

It remains  to be seen how this  police complaint impacts  television  journalism’s growing penchant for infiltrating celebrities’ private spaces.

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