CBFC Clamps Down On Dalit References

Is ‘Dalit’ a banned word? The censor board seems to think so. All references to the Dalit community have been asked to be removed  from Sunhil Sippy’s Noor, a goofy zany fun-filled look at girl’s journey through the world of investigative journalism.

Says a source close to the development, “The CBFC has asked for the all references to theDalit community to be removed as it invokes a reference to the caste system. The word ‘Dalit’ has therefore been muted from Noor wherever it occurs.”

References to a liquor  brand have also been asked to be removed from Noor.

More weirdly, a reference to a ‘sex toy’ has been found to  be objectionable and asked to be removed.

Says a source, “Sonakshi’s character was just having some harmless fun. The censor board wants  ‘sex toy’ to be replaced by ‘adult site’. They probably feel sex toys are only used by those who watch porn.”

Porn jaye par vachan na jaye.

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