CBFC Gives ‘UA’, Sony Pictures Asks For An Adults Certification For Their Space Invasion Film

The new space-invasion thriller Life featuring Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllanhaal ,  open​ed​ only for Adult audiences in India.

And that’show the film’s Indian distributors Sony Pictures wanted it.

Sources at CBFC say, the Indian censor board offered to certify the film with a ‘UA’ with some vital cuts including scenes of visual violence and verbal abuse.

Sony Pictures decided to do the unusual. They wanted an ‘Adults’ certificate without cuts  for Life, and that’s what they got.

Says a CBFC source, “They came back to us after we recommended a ‘UA’ with cuts, saying they would rather have an ‘A’  with no cuts. They had voluntarily removed a dialogue with the profanity ‘motherfc..r’ in  it and come back with the film. We restored the cuts and gave them an ‘A’ as per their request. In any case Life has been certified for adults in every major country.”

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