CBFC Strikes Again,  Kapil Sharma’s Film’s Release Postponed, To Release In Place Of Padmavati

 There seems to  be no end  to Kapil Sharma’s woes. Even as  storie  of his fluctuating health filter back from  the entertainment industry , there is more sobering news for his fans.

Kapil Sharma’s new feature film Firangi  which was to open this Friday , November 24 has been postponed . According to sources  in the  CBFC, the film is yet to be certified.

Says  the film’s  director Rajiev Dhingra, “We were hoping to  get our censor certificate early this  week. Now we’re told the  censor certificate will be given to us on November 23, a day before our release date. How can we release  the  film under such uncertainty?My friend Kapil Sharma, my Mumbai distributor Anil Thadani and I have decided not to  releasethis Friday.”

Though a  new release date  is yet to be  decided the film is likely to be now released  onDecember 1, the  day Padmavati was to open.

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