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Celina Jaitly Bereaved



Celina’s greatest sorrow would be that she could not be by her father’s side in Indore when he passed away this week.By the time she left her home in Dubai to be in Indore it was too late.

She did reach in time for the last rites.

But Celina was inconsolable about not seeing  her father one last time. “I couldn’t reach in time to hear  his voice one last time. That’s a regret and guilt I’ll live with all my life.No matter how  much you think you are prepared for the inevitable  you are never ready for a parent’s loss. Even if you know it’s coming, the shock and disbelief are still unbearable.”

Numbed by grief, Celina tries to remember the happy times with her father. “I tried to wake him up, thinking to myself that he was just resting. He looked like he was sleeping. But when I tried to wake him he didn’t get up.Why couldn’t it all have been just a prank to get me to visit him?”

Shattered by the loss Celina  knows she needs to be strong for her young twin sons and her unborn twins .

“I feel my father is coming back,” she says about her impending motherhood.

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