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Celina Jaitly & Husband Expecting Twins Again



The  very lovely Celina Jaitly and her Australian husband Peter are expecting twins….again. The  Dubai-based couple are already proud parents of two 5-year old twin boys.

The  possibility of conceiving twins twice over boogles Celina’s mind

“Peter and I are still in a state of shock. Thank you for best wishes,” Celina says  from Dubai. “Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.My husband Peter Haag and I are elated to share with you exclusively the news of our miraculous 700,000-to-1 occurrence of a consecutive second twin pregnancy. Even though we were stunned with the news and it took Peter and myself a couple of hours to register the news . The doctor explained it is a very rare chance– t00,000-to-1 –of this occurrence-twin conceived twice in  a row– naturally and consecutively.”The last such record of a naturally conceived consecutive twin pregnancy was in 2014 in Britain

It’s going to be quitea handful for Celina to deal with four little ones.

The former  Bollywood actress who made her debut in Feroz Khan’s Jaanasheen  is up for it. “We are proud parents to our first set of 5-year old twin boys Winston and  Viraaj and are truly looking forward to welcoming the next set in October 2017.Peter, myself and  both our twin boys absolutely love children and to find out that we are expectant parents of twins  again was quite a exhilarating  surprise which also made us come to a conclusion that date nights and beer are a deadly combination and can end up in your family turning into a basketball team,” Celina laughs uproariously.

Celina will have to be very careful with her travel and other movements  in  the coming months. “Peter, myself, Winston and Viraj have been over the moon however and even though twin pregnancies have their risks and unique experiences which singleton births don’t have, so far it has been a fascinating journey every day there is an unexpected turn and the best way to cope with it is loads of love, togetherness and a good sense of humor.”

The stunning wife and the yummy mummy follows her Mom’s advice. “My mother’s advice has been most motivating and the best. She said, ‘The most important thing she’dlearned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.’Amen to that.”


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