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Censor Board Cleans Out Fast & Furious, Removes Multiple F…ks and ‘Ass h..les’


 It is a cleaned-out version of Fast & Furious 8 that we will get to see tomorrow when the film opens all over India.

On Monday afternoon the censor board offered Universal Pictures a  ‘UA’ certification on condition of multiple verbal cuts and two visual cuts.

Says a  source from the censorboard, “We were willing to let the film go with no cuts and a ‘A’ certificate.  . But the producers wanted a ‘UA’ and were willing to take all the verbal cuts. We removed most of the ‘f…ks’. ‘’. ‘boobs’, ‘dicks’  ‘pussies’ and other sexual jargon. So there will be beeps galore.”

The visual cuts  both feature women’s  anatomy.

“In one shot a women’s bum in closeup looked hideous in 3D. We removed that. In another shot when a woman bends forward one can see more than one should. We removed that as well,” says the source.

When asked about the multiple cuts in Fast & Furious 8  , CBFC chairperson PahlajNihalani explained, “We  gave them an option of an ‘A’with no cuts. “They preferred ‘UA’ with cuts.Also let me remind you that the British censor board doesn’t entertain cusswordsand profanities at all. They were shown a different version of the film with all the abuses removed. In India we are supposed to hear all the expletives and  pass them too, if possible.”




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