Censor Board Ok With  OK Jaanu Gets 4 Verbal Cuts, UA


Shaad Ali’s take on live-in relationships Ok Jaanu has just been granted an all-clear with a ‘UA’ certificate.

Says a source in the know, “Only four verbal cuts were ordered.And these were minor alterations  in the dialogue.Surprisingly the censor board had no objection to the the theme  of live-in relationship.”

When the Tamil original Oh Kadhal Kanmani  had gone  for censor certification in March 2015, there was huge uproar over the film’s blatant espousal  of a  live-in relationship. The makers had to go to the Revising Committee to get the film cleared.

Says censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani, “The times are changing. At one time couples couldn’t even meet before marriage.Now they get a chance to spend time with one another to know whether they are compatible or not. That’s a social reality.  To turn away from it is not going to  stop the changes in society.We must recognize  and respect the changes in social mores.”

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