The Censor Board Worried About The  Bikini Binge In Baywatch

The  Censor Board Of  Film Certification(CBFC) is gearing up for one of its biggest challenges in recent times. How to certify the  beachwear-infested populace of Baywatch?

Says a source close to censor board, “It is a duvidha, a dharm sankat that beats all recent dilemmas. How do we grade the bikini festival in Baywatch? Guidelines clearly indicate that unnecessary nudity must be  curbed.A lot of the Baywatch fans are under-age  kids. In our films a  big deal is  made of bikini shots. Blame the producers for making  the bikini look like  a phenomenal happening.”

However, how “unnecessary” is the oomph in Baywatch?

“We can’t curb nudity when it is projected on the beachside. We would object if  girls in  Bikinis were shown in a discotheque or in a dining room. But how do we curtail the skin exposure when  the entire film is by the beachside?” says the censor source.

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