Censor Trouble Ahead For Sanju?

Those who have seen the trailer of Raj Kumar Hirani’s eagerly-awaited Sanjay Dutt bio-pic pretty stunned by some of the more lurid visuals including one of excreta flowing out of Dutt’s prison cell and a shot of Ranbir Kapoor standing nude in front of prison officials with a water jug strategically placed on the table to cover his private parts.

Ranbir has gone on-record to state that he is comfortable with nudity.

Regrettably, the Indian censor board is not.

A source from the CBFC foresees trouble for Sanju’s theatrical trailer. “I don’t think the trailer can go the way it is. At least not with feature films that are ‘U’ or ‘UA’. The trailer has scenes where Ranbir Kapoor discusses drugs, alcohol and how many women he has slept with.One sequence is clearly disrespectful to the mangalsutra. And the sequence of the overflowing excreta is visually repugnant.”

A more urgent problem that may prop up is that of Sanjay Dutt’s conviction in the Mumbai bomb blast case.

“The trailer clearly suggests Sanjay Dutt was innocent. This is against the court’s verdict .There will be a moral and legal outrage at this attempt to whitewash his image. We will have to look into how much artistic liberty we can permit without distorting legal facts,” says the censor source.

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