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Censorboard Gives Kung Fu Yoga A Clean Chit,Praises The Film

The  new Jackie Chan-Sonu Sood starrer Kung Fu Yoga, an Indo-Chinese co-production(hence the mixed title denoting Chinese martial arts and Indian self-discipline exercise) was viewed by the CBFC on Wednesday and was granted a clean chit.

“The CBFC made one verbal cut regarding a  remark pertaining to  Buddhism,and didn’t touch a single shot in the film. They granted Kung Fu Yoga a ‘UA’ certification on Wednesday and agreed to view the film in  other languages  two days later,” says a source.

Praising the film and its Indian producer-actor Sonu Sood , Pahlaj Nihlani says, “At a time when corporate houses have taken over our movie business it is commendable that Sonu has brought this  big Jackie Chan film to Indian all on his own. It’s a  fun film, clean and enjoyable.Jackie Chan already has a huge fan following in India. But Sonu will have new  fans in China  after the film releases. We saw no reason to cut anything.”


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