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Censors Stop Akshay Kumar’s  Bad Language In Rustom



Sorry, you can’t call your wife  a ‘bitch’ even if she cheats on you.Specially not if you are Akshay Kumar.

This is the loud and clear message that was conveyed to the makers of  Rustom when they approached the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) .

Though the film has been passed with a ‘UA’ certificate the CBFC has asked  for two verbal cuts, namely ‘bitch’ and ‘bastard’ both  mild English-language expletives, heard repeatedly in Hindi films.

Says a source close to the development, “Rustom has been cleared with no visual cuts and and two verbal cuts , both name-calling expletives.Because the film stars Akshay Kumar the expletives have been ordered out. He has the image of a clean decent man who respects all human being , male or female. Unke mooh se gaali achcha nahinlagta(abuses don’t sound nice from him).”

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