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Central Minister, Adnan Sami, Hansal Mehta Want Rishi Kapoor’s Wardboy dismissed

The  utterly shocking unethical and  illegal video  apparently shot  by  a ward boy at the hospital where Rishi Kapoor breathed his last, capturing his  dying moments  violates the  actor’s private  space on  so many levels, it is  a straight case of a law-breaking public servant  misusing his power for self-advancement. 

According to sources close  to  the Kapoor family they are  looking at  taking legal action against  the offender. “Right now the  family is in a  different  frame of mind. But once there is some respite  from  the tragedy on hand they  will certainly  take action  against the  ward  boy,” a source  close to the Kapoors  informs.

The source  also wonders  if the man seeing haranguing the terminally ill icon on his deathbed in such a high-end  hospital  is  actually a wardboy.   “Could it be someone simply strolling  in casually,  maybe another patient’s visitor who saw a  golden opportunity  of  instant fame? Because  ward boys are trained to  care for the sick not harass them,” asks  the   source.

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Filmmaker Hansal Mehta is  horrified by  this blatant  invasion of privacy. “This is what the era  of social-media exposure has done to us. It has killed  our conscience and turned  us into vultures. What this  fellow has done is disgusting. He should be  prosecuted.”

Producer Pahlaj Nihlani rightly wonders, “If this can happen to someone  like Rishi Kapoor, what indignities  must the less privileged  have to suffer  in  their death beds?”

 Singer and  central minister Baabul Supriyo thinks this violation of privacy  must be punished. “I  don’t know if arresting him  is a possibility.Mobile phones have contaminated the term privacy for life !! Not only him, all the other ward boys seen in the video, who didn’t stop him from committing that immoral act, should be punished.Hospitals should actually have a zero tolerance policy for such acts and  the ward boys may very well be sacked for good. He  should  be suspended for a month without salary and   then transferred to the office of the hospital. He doesn’t deserve to be in the ICU or Medical Ward.”

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Singer  Adnan Sami is  livid. He says,  “He’s a fucking bastard who should be punched in the throat and should have a living snake shoved up his ass!! The hospital should take strict action against him for this- infact the hospital should be sued for this and made an example out of for all hospitals to take cognisance of the fact that serious consequences would occur if such a disgusting unprofessional and unethical act ever takes place again!!!  What happened  to patient-doctor confidentiality? WTF! “

We  fans  and friends  of Rishi Kapoor  sincerely advocate  strong  judicial measures against such brutal violation  of  a dying individual’s private  space.


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