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Chanda Mama Door Ke Not Shelved



Reports that the ambitious space drama Chanda Mama Door Ke has been shelved after its primary producers Eros International  backed out of the project due to financial reasons, are not only premature  but also baseless.

Director Sanjay Chauhan laughs off the stories of  the film being aborted as “baseless and untrue”

Sources from within the team  report that preparations are on  full-throttle. In fact even as you read this, Sushant Singh Rajput is undergoing a rigorous training for temperature acclimatization  at   high altitudes.

“One of the reasons why the  project is  taking longer  than expected is Sushant’s training to play an authentic astronaut. He won’t be satisfied  faking  any aspect of his character’s space odyssey. He  attended NASA to get a hang of space life. He’s now training further to  understand the emotional and physical pressure of flying in space,” says a source closely connected to the project.

Producer, Viki Rajani speaking on  behalf  of  Eros , also clears  the air. “Chanda Mama Door Ke is a mammoth project and requires a lot off pre-production and planning as it’s complex and vfx heavy . We yet have to finalize the full cast and have a lock on budget and final script . We are working it and can plan execution once all these details are sorted.”

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