Chef Given “UA” Because “Saif Smokes & Is A  Divorcee”

If your leading man is  a divorcee and on top of that he  is a smoker, the censor board frowns  on your film.

That’s what  director Raja Krishna Menon discovered to his dismay and amusement. The critically acclaimed  director  of Airlift was pretty much shocked when told that that his film about a man separated from his wife bonding with his estranged son would be granted a UA.

Says a source, “There was nothing in  the film to justify a ‘UA’ rating rather than a ‘U’. But then the  censorboard members apparently thought  the hero who is divorced and who smokes , must be given restricted viewing certification. Hence  the ‘UA’.”

The very talented director Raja Krishna Menon  was also   very surprised that thecensorboard asked him to remove one word from his new film Chef ,twice ,before granting the film a  ‘UA’ ,

Confirming these ifs and cuts, Menon says, “The word ‘asshole’ had to go. To think that would be  a problem  was surprising.  Because frankly there is  no bad language in the film.”

As for the ‘UA’ certificate Menon admits it had to do with the hero being a divorcee and a smoker. “Apparently you can’t have a hero separated from his wife and smoking in a ‘U’ film.”

Try figuring that one out.

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