Chennai High Court Pulls Up Censor Board For Passing The Film Kalavani

7 Years after it was released the Tamil film Kalavani is being scrutinized by the Chennai High Court for prompting illicit behaviour in a young girl.

The Chennai branch of the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) was served a notice by the honourable High Court  after a minor pregnant girl  told the court that she obtained inspiration from director A Sarkunam’s 2010  Tamil film  Kalavani.

Elaborating on the shocking turn of events the  CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani said, “It is true our representative at the Chennai branch was summoned  in the honourable High Court to explain how the filmKalavani which has such a detrimental influence on this 13-year old girl was allowed to be passed by the censor board. After this girl eloped to an undisclosed place it was discovered that the boy had criminals antecedents. The girl’s parent’s filed a habeas corpus.She was found last week and produced in court. The honourable judge summoned our CBFC representative to  ask how a  film like Kalavani could be passed by us.”

Kalavani was certified by the CBFC as a ‘U’(for all ages).

Asks Nihalani, “What do we do? If we follow the guidelines strictly we are supposed to stop any film that propagates any idea that could be harmful to society.But if we don’t pass films we are accused of curbing creative freedom.Either way the CBFC gets the blame.”

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