Chitrangda On Turning Producer With Soorma

Turning producer was the last thing on Chitrangda Singh’s mind. There she was, beautiful and made for the camera. So why did she decide to turn producer?

“Because I came across a story that I wanted to tell,” says the lovely Chitrangda. “The easiest thing would’ve been for me to produce a film and cast myself. But film production was not part of my plans at all, let alone a means to further my career. I would say it was  a beautiful unplanned move”

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 So how did this “unplanned move” happen?

“I met (hockey champ) Sandeep Singh by chance through a mutual friend. He was on the way to play for our country for no other incentive except to bring laurels to India. He then began to tell me his story, of how he almost lost his life in a freak gun accident and rebuilt his life and career. I wondered if this level of dedication is possible. It bowled me over,” says Chitrangda, as she still marvels over her biopic’s subject-matter who matters.

“Yes, Sandeep Singh matters. And we need to tell more such stories of Bravehearts of our country who bring glory to our nation without ulterior motives. It is frightening how the younger generations seem to completely be without true heroes to look up to. We need to let them know that true heroes exist. We need to tell the stories of unsung heroes for our future generations. Otherwise, the unsung heroes will remain unsung heroes,” says the actress turned reluctant producer.

Chitrangda contradicts that one. “I wouldn’t call myself a reluctant producer. I plunged into production because I wanted to tell Sandeep Singh’s story. Once in it, I put myself completely into the project. Yes, it was tough. But once Sony Pictures Networks came into the picture it was much easier, They took charge and I could breathe easier. Sneha Ranjini (who helms Sony) started off as a solid production partner. But went on to become a close friend.”

Being surrounded by sportspersons helped Chitrangda empathize with Sandeep Singh, “I’ve always been around golfers, cricketers… And I knew hockey has not been given its rightful place among the sports played in this country.”

She admits being a producer is not easy. “It’s a very tough job. Luckily, my partner, Deepak Singh was a tremendous support. I worked with a dream team. Not only director Shaad Ali but all the other members of the cast and crew. Now when people are coming up to me at airports to tell me what a revelation Sandeep Singh’s story is for them I feel gratified. The hard work was all worth it.”

Chitrangda’s favorite Soorma fan is her 11 years old son Zorawar. “My son is a big Milkha Singh fan When he saw the film he said to me, ‘Mom, this guy is as inspiring as Milkha Uncle’. At that moment I felt I had done the right thing. If I find another story that needs to be told I will turn producer again.”

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