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Choppy Weather For Ranbir-Alia Relationship?



Is there trouble in paradise already? Are Ranbir Kapoor  and Alia Bhatt encountering  some bad weather  in their flight of love?

Reports filtering in from the sets  of  Ayan  Mukerjee’s lavish  spectacle Bhamhastra suggest “some tension” between the couple.A  photograph leaked  on  the internet from the sets shows Ranbir Kapoor absorbed  on  his phone while Alia seethes silently besides him.

Is Ranbir already losing interest  in  the  new love of his life? He does have a  track record  of  evaporated  love , from Deepikaand Katrina to the women who came  before them.

A  close friend  of Ranbir says  the star-actor has a problem with being constantly crowded  in  love. “He  needs his space.While Alia likes to constantly  connect, chat and simply be with  the one she   loves. But to  suggest that there’s problems between them would be an  exaggeration. They’ve their share  of arguments. But having Ayan Mukerjee on  the sets  of Bhamhastra helps. As Ranbir’s best friend  and Alia’s buddy Ayan is  able to act as a beautiful buffer between the  love birds.”

Apparently Ranbir is  tense about his father Rishi Kapoor’s health(the older Kapoor is  currently    in the US  undergoing medical  treatment).   He intends  to formalize  his relationship with Alia as soon as his father  is well again.

“And why  not?” argues Ranbir’s buddy. “Alia has brought Ranbir luck and joy. He had his first hit(Sanju) in  years  and she is his first girlfriend to get his parent’s approval.”

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