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Christmas Chronicles 2, Strictly For Fans Of Santa’s Syrupy Antics

Christmas Chronicles 2, Strictly For Fans Of Santa’s Syrupy Antics
Written by Subhash K . Jha

 Christmas Chronicles 2 (Netflix)

Starring    Kurt Russell as Santa,Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus

Directed  by Chris Columbus

Rating: **

Come yuletide, and  American cinema releases  a torrent  of over-sweetened  Christmassy  cine-pudding with so much cheer to spread, the season feels like  baking-bread  with  heavy cheese spread, toppings extra mush. The last Christmas Chronicle  film was barely tolerable   for the inspired  casting of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn as Mr & Mrs Santa Claus.

For those who came in late   Russell and Hawn are a real-life couple. They’ve been  together  for  over 40 years. To bring them together  again  is being seen  as  a  bit of  a casting coup specially when they are playing the most beloved  couple in the world , after Barrack and Michelle Obama of course.

As Santa and his Missus, Kurt and Goldie try hard  to recreate  the magic of  the  first  Christmas Chronicle film which came two years ago. But the  film’s  tender heart clearly beats for the kids.Darby Camp  as Kaitie and Jahzir Bruno as Jack clearly(one white the black, just to hammer in the  Christmas spirit of one-ness)  steal the show  from Mr & Mrs Klaus. The two kids are wide-eyed and  magic-struck  going through a series of   fairytale experiences shot on sets and locations that jump at you from those postcards that  you used to send  to  your loved ones while holidaying in  Kashmir or the Alps, depending on your  budget.

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 Chrismas Chronicle  2  seems to have spent more on production values that  Part 1. The food, the warmth  and the message are all  amped . Often the visuals come close to being fairytale-porn with tables laden with colourful cookies and pastries  being served by  Mr  & Mrs  Klaus to kids who are  in for a lip-smacking gobsmacked   treat.

Come  to  think of it, Christmas Chronicles  2 is  not for  grownups at all specially not  those who don’t believe  in  Santa. Let the kids watch this one. Let them be.

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