“Classy” Sara Co-Starring With “Massy” Kartik?

On Karan  Johar’s  show  Kareena  Kapoor Khan commented on how Kartik Aryan was  “massy” while Sara Ali Khan was “classy”  and  the  the two would make  a good pair on screen, and that in fact the two are doing a  film together.

The comment  has  not been taken well by Kartik. Sources  close to him wonder  what exactly  Sara’s  stepmother(or Choti Ammi if you want  to be culturally correct)  meant by calling Sara “classy” and  Kartik“massy”.

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“Does she mean  Kartik has no class, just because he is not  from a  film family and comes from a  small town?” a source close to Kartik wonders  indignantly.

 Kareena was  probably referring to the film by Imtiaz Ali featuring  Kartik and  Sara that  a section  of  the  media has  been  writing about. However  sources  close  to the development  have another story to tell.

Apparently “classy” Sara  is  a  part  of Imtiaz Ali’s film.

While sources  close to the  project confirm Kartik’s  casting in Imtiaz Ali’s film, there  is confirmation forthcoming on  the  issue from Sara.

Wonder how her name  keeps popping into almost  every new project.How “classy” is that.

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